April 1, 2018

Addaera provides Ministry of Youth and Gender Balance Centre with Reports on Political Participation in the UAE

Addaera Research & Polls Centre has recently provided the Ministry of State for Youth and the Gender Balance Centre with two reports on political participation of youth and women in the UAE.

Youth and women’s participation in the electoral process during 2015 Federal National Council Elections was considerable, the reports stated.

Data processing was based on statistics of previous survey commissioned by the National Election Committee during 2015 elections to explore people’s interest in political participation and their awareness about the Council.

“We produced the two reports to highlight youth and women’s participation in the UAE elections. The Ministry of State for Youth and the Gender Balance Centre play major role in decision making process. We provided them with detailed statistics to help assess youth and women’s political engagement,” Hana Lootah, CEO of Addaera, said.

“It is important to know to what extent Emirati youth and women are engaged in the political action. The level of awareness about the National Council’s role reveals the interest in political activities ahead the next elections taking place in 2019,” Lootah added.

The two reports were produced to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Youth and Gender Balance Centre counting on calculations by age and gender.

Results show high voting turnout, as 96% of youth and 51% of women were eager to vote in elections. However, awareness about the Council and its roles were low. Only 21% of youth and 15% of women know that the Council comes fourth in the ladder of authorities; meanwhile 4% of each were aware that the Council doesn’t play any executive role; but only legislative and monitoring.

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