October 1, 2019

Significant Participation in Public Opinion Survey on FNC Electoral Process

Dubai, UAE, October, 2019 – Addaera Research & Polls Centre, the first local independent public opinion survey centre in the UAE, surveyed voters’ opinion during the Federal National Council Elections in an attempt to assess the electoral procedures and to measure peoples’ eagerness to participate in political decision making.

Commissioned by the National Election Committee, the field study covered different aspects of the electoral process, including voting turnout, public awareness level of the Federal National Council’s role and achievements and voters’ aspirations in regard to selected candidates.
Addaera field researchers completed 2604 questionnaires in 10 voting centers across the UAE during the FNC elections, as early voting took place from October 1 to 3, and the main election day was on October 5.

The survey attracted significant number of voters who wanted to express their opinion about their voting experience. Interviews were conducted at different times during election days to ensure a sample consisting of different age groups, employment status and education levels.

Field researchers underwent an extensive training on surveying skills prior to the elections to carry out their surveys efficiently and according to the highest international quality standards.
Hana Lootah, CEO of Addaera Research & Polls Centre, said that participation in the FNC elections doesn’t only reflect the sense of national belonging but also promotes the concept of opinion expression and political awareness.

“We look at the FNC elections as a major political event that is providing citizens with an opportunity to practice their rights of choosing their members of parliament. Surveying opinion on the electoral process is part of our mission to assess and raise public awareness of political participation, as well as to explore public trends with an aim to support and develop voting mechanisms. ”

After data analysis is completed, Addaera Centre will share the statistical results with the Ministry of State for National Council (FNC) Affairs. The results will underline voters’ satisfaction levels about the electoral process, voter turnout and public awareness level of political participation.

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