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Addaeara provides qualitative and quantitative research and public opinion surveying services for institutions seeking to obtain credible general and statistical data.

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Research & Public Opinion Surveys

Addaera provides multiple research services within its areas of specialization; especially on topics related directly to the UAE society. From data interpretation and statistical analysis to result reporting and recommendations, the Centre conducts its field studies and public opinion surveys utilizing scientific research methodologies that ensure procedural quality and efficiency.

The Centre works on fulfilling the requirements of relevant bodies, official institutions, government and independent organizations seeking full information about certain research issues based on the public opinion. Addaera’s areas of specialization include the following:

Population & Labour
Awareness Measurement
Human Rights
Social Trends
Political Awareness

Shoora Panel

Addaera enables relevant institutions to benefit from a poll panel of standing members who regularly take part in surveys. The panel is managed through the Centre’s digital platform “Shoora” which is developed according to the latest electronic polling techniques. “Shoora” platform ensures the selection of the target sample, categorized by demographic information, based on research requirements. The panel also guarantees accurate and objective data processing.

Training Programs

Addaera Research & Polls Centre provides training programs for specialists in public opinion studies, using a comprehensive approach that includes multiple research fields. Training programs address a number of areas, including field research skills, foundations and standards of statistical analysis and mechanisms of data interpretation to ensure professional, accurate and impartial data presentation. The Centre provides its training courses for professionals in fields of research and public opinion, statistics, media and journalism.

Reporting & Publishing

Addaera Research & Polls Centre services include print and digital reporting and publishing; a process that takes place internally according to the best practices in the field of traditional and interactive publishing and data presentation. The Centre has a design, publishing and communication department that focuses its efforts on the delivery of high-end paper and electronic booklets, publications and statistical reports; in addition to producing social media posts and creative material for awareness campaigns.