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The use of Addaera Research & Polls Centre website is subject to terms and conditions, laws and regulations in force in the United Arab Emirates. Using the website means agreeing to the terms & conditions that will be mentioned later without any restriction or exception.



Addaera Research & Polls Centre reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions, and users to be notified of any updates to the terms & conditions through notification on the web portal. The amendments shall become effective immediately upon their publication, unless otherwise indicated.

Users are responsible for knowing and complying with all terms, laws, regulations and rules related to the use of the website. And by using Addaera website users are obliged to avoid the following:

1. Using the website for the purpose of committing a crime or encouraging others to take part in any behavior that would lead to a crime.
2. Posting or transmitting any material that includes any content that incites discrimination, defamation, or harassment of others, or any material that includes an obscene or pornographic topic or any other illegal subject.
3. Using the website to impersonate other parties or entities.
4. Using the website to download any content that contains a virus or other files or programs that may change, damage or stop the website’s functionality.
5. Upload, post, email or transmit any material that user is not entitled to send under any law or under any contractual relationship.
6. Claiming to represent any company, association or other organization contrary to reality.
7. Posting any materials that violate the intellectual property rights of others.
8. Collecting or saving personal information of others.



Addaera Research & Polls Centre has the right – at its absolute evaluation – to terminate or suspend any user without prior notice and for any reason whatsoever, including the violation of terms & conditions or due to committing an act or behavior that is unlawful or harmful to the centre or others.



Addaera Research & Polls Centre
undertakes to protect and preserve the confidentiality of users’ information and personal data.

Personal data will not be disclosed without the user’s consent, except in certain cases in which the law requires the disclosure of this information.
None of the personal data will be exchanged or sold to any other party.



Addaera Research & Polls Centre maintains all copyright of the content published on its website. It is not permitted in any way for any person to make use of the website content; including texts, graphs, charts, images, files, links, etc., without prior written permission from the Center.

Addaera Research & Polls Centre maintains all copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual property rights and other property of the information contained on this website, including designs/graphic designs of any published material; text, images, tables, charts, or any relevant content. Under no circumstances may any of the information and material be used, reproduced or printed without written and documented permission.

The centre will take the appropriate, stipulated and applicable legal actions against any user who breaches any of the mentioned above Terms & Conditions