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New Work Week Timings in the UAE (2022)‎

After implementing the new work week system in the UAE, this survey shows that the positive impact index hit low score in different aspects including life-career balance and productivity.

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The Social Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Dubai Society (2022)‎

Two years after COVID-19, this study explored the social impact of the pandemic on people’s life in Dubai. It revealed that life was somehow back to normal, while some life aspects had remained affected.

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Public Trust in the UAE’s Ability to Fight COVID-19 (2020)

74% of UAE nationals and residents who took part in the questionnaire had full confidence in the ability of the UAE government to fight Covid-19 outbreak.

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Engagement in Volunteering Efforts against COVID-19 (2020)

75% of Covid-19 survey respondents confirmed their willingness to volunteer in any efforts that may help control the outbreak in the UAE with 78% UAE nationals and 72% residents.

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Efficiency of UAE Procedures against COVID-19 (2020)

86% of both UAE nationals and residents who took part in Covid-19 survey have totally agreed that the measures which were taken by the government to combat the pandemic were effective.

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Addaera Publications

The Level of Awareness about VAT & Impact of its Implementation in Dubai

Trilogy Study on the value added tax (VAT); documenting results of extensive and corelated public opinion surveys. The three surveys were conducted over three years to probe different research aspects since the announcement of VAT implementation in the UAE until one year after the actual public involvement in the taxation system.

The Level of Awareness about VAT in Dubai- Implications and Potential Effects from Social Perspective (2017)

The Impact of VAT Implementation in Dubai- Public Opinion Survey (2018)

The Impact of VAT Implementation in Dubai- Business Sector Survey (2019)

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A Timeline of Procedures and Measures Taken in the UAE in Reaction to Covid-19 Pandemic

In depth report tracking and identifying all procedures taken by the UAE government to address the sudden challenges emerged after Covid-19 in different sectors including Food Security, Social Distancing, Business Continuity and Hospital Preparedness and Medical Facilities Availability.

Timeline of Food Security Measures during Covid-19 Pandemic

Timeline of Preventive and Social Distancing Measures during Covid-19 Pandemic (Movement & Social Restrictions)

Timeline of Business Continuity Measures during Covid-19 Pandemic

Timeline of Hospital and Medical Check Points Establishment during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Mathematical Modulization of Covid-19 Theoretical End Date in the United Arab Emirates – Based on SIR Model

Based on the SIR Model, this report indicates three scenarios of Covid-19 pandemic end date in the UAE, given different time stages and different types of government preventive measures.

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General Studies & Reports


    Welfare studies explore and evaluate the impact of major changes on social stability and growth.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • The New Working Week Timings in the UAE
    • The Social Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Dubai Society
    • Traffic Congestion in Dubai
    • The Value Added Tax in Dubai
    • Food Security During Covid-19 Outbreak in the UAE (Client)
    • Public Trust in the UAE Government Measures against Covid-19 (Client)
    • Statistical Predictions of Covid-19 End in the UAE

    Population and labour studies monitor population movements, in addition to work and settlement inclinations and their relative impact on the society structure.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • The State of UAE Nationals Population in Dubai
    • Retirement Plans for Residents in Dubai

    Political awareness studies measure the level of public participation in political activities, including elections, with the aim to promote political awareness amongst UAE nationals.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • Awareness & Perception of Youth about National Values (Homeland and Citizenship) in the UAE (Client)
    • UAE Nationals’ Awareness of Parliamentary Life (Client)
    • Elections of the Federal National Council- 2015/ 2019 (Client)
    • Political Awareness Index (Client)

    Awareness studies measure the level of awareness on a variety of topics and current issues among individuals and institutions.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • Awareness Level about Al Ameen Service in Dubai (Client)
    • The National Service (Client)
    • Protection of Children’s Privacy on Social Media
    • The Culture of Sports Arbitration in Sports Entities (Client)
    • Cyber Crimes in the UAE
    • The Internet Security

    Education studies search into the educational environment and the diverse factors that affect its growth and development in the UAE.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • Electronic Learning Devices VS Traditional Methods
    • School Timings in Dubai
    • Remote Learning

    Human rights studies address and assess challenges depriving people from leading decent life for recommendations on solutions and preventive procedures.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • Human Trafficking Crimes- 2016/ 2022 (Client)
    • Domestic Violence (Client)

    Sociology studies research habits and values of the society, and the factors impacting people’s interests and attitudes.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • The Awareness of Child Privacy in the Context of Online Sharing
    • COVID-19 Vaccine for Children
    • Concepts and Motivations of Marriage and Divorce among Emiratis in Dubai (Client)
    • The UAE National Identity (Client)
    • Family Cohesion in the UAE Society (Client)

    International reports produced by world organizations provide in-depth information on political and socio-economic affairs.

    Studies & Reports in this Area:

    • Global Peace Index 2020: Measuring Peace in a Complex World (Client)
    • Global Terrorism Index 2020: Measuring the Impact of Terrorism (Client)
    • Women Peace and Security Index 2019/ 2020 (Client)
    • Children in Conflict Zones: Statistics Middle East (Client)