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Efficiency of the UAE Government Measures against Covid-19 Outbreak

A research study that assesses the general public opinion, including Emirati citizens and residents, on the perceived effectiveness of measures taken by the UAE government to combat and control the spread of Covid-19 during March 2020. The electronic survey implemented by Addaera centre during Covid-19 to underline the overall responsiveness level to contain the pandemic.

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A Timeline of Procedures and Measures Taken in the UAE in Reaction to Covid-19 Pandemic

In depth report tracking and identifying all procedures taken by the UAE government to address the sudden challenges emerged after Covid-19 in different sectors including Food Security, Social Distancing, Business Continuity and Hospital Preparedness and Medical Facilities Availability.

Timeline of Food Security Measures during Covid-19 Pandemic

Timeline of Preventive and Social Distancing Measures during Covid-19 Pandemic (Movement & Social Restrictions)

Timeline of Business Continuity Measures during Covid-19 Pandemic

Timeline of Hospital and Medical Check Points Establishment during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Mathematical Modulization of Covid-19 Theoretical End Date in the United Arab Emirates – Based on SIR Model

Based on the SIR Model, this report indicates three scenarios of Covid-19 pandemic end date in the UAE, given different time stages and different types of government preventive measures.

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The Level of Awareness about VAT & Impact of its Implementation in Dubai

Trilogy Study on the value added tax (VAT); documenting results of extensive and corelated public opinion surveys. The three surveys were conducted over three years to probe different research aspects since the announcement of VAT implementation in the UAE until one year after the actual public involvement in the taxation system.

The Level of Awareness about VAT in Dubai- Implications and Potential Effects from Social Perspective (2017)

The Impact of VAT Implementation in Dubai- Public Opinion Survey (2018)

The Impact of VAT Implementation in Dubai- Business Sector Survey (2019)

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The Level of Public Awareness of Domestic Violence in the UAE

An inclusive study that evaluates the public awareness of domestic violence in the UAE. Conducted by Addaera, the field study results were aimed to help Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) to assess the public awareness across the UAE about domestic violence.

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The Level of Public Awareness in Dubai about Human Trafficking Crimes

A report on the level of public awareness in Dubai about human trafficking crimes based on a field study by Addaera that included diverse spectrum of respondents from both public and private sectors. The survey was conducted for Dubai Police Human Trafficking Crimes Monitoring Centre.

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