November 16, 2016

Addaera Research & Polls Centre Launches Offices in Dubai

The Centre was established in 2014 as a research, polls and survey organization in the UAE with the key objective of serving people by encouraging them to express their opinions about existing and emerging issues of social and national interest. Built on the pillars of integrity, objectivity, innovation and transparency, Addaera’s objective is to act as a catalyst of public opinion on issues, attitudes and trends affecting the future of all UAE residents.

It strives for independent and objective findings and aims to encourage people to collaborate and engage in the on-going interaction about social and national issues. Addaera’s three main areas of activities include research, polls and surveys. Within a short period of time it has shown remarkable achievements starting with the polling for military recruits for the national service general directorate 2014-15. It was conducted in four stages covering military camps across the UAE.

Addaera has also served high profile clientele such as Dubai Police, and Dubai Establishment for Women and Children on local and nationwide studies in 2015. 2015 saw the intense Pre-election Polls, conducted to gauge the levels of interest in voters participating in the upcoming National Election Committee. The results of the Polls provided some valuable insights. This was followed by the National Council Election Polls. Spread all across the Emirates, the polls were instituted to evaluate the election experience and assess the levels of awareness of the role of the National Council.

Ms. Hana Lootah, CEO of Addaera explained “We are driven by the overarching objective of opening the channels of continuous dialogue between various communities so as to arrive at a more reliable and more actionable picture of what the key audiences think and feel. Our ultimate goal is reflect reality objectively and act as an informative resource on public opinion.

”Addaera” is the authentic interpretation of the Arabic word for astrolabe/marine compass commonly used in the Gulf region. It has played a crucial role in the past as a guiding instrument for sailing Arabian ships from the Arabian Peninsula to the surrounding regions especially through turbulent seas. It has been effective in supporting and sustaining the flow of essential and trading goods to and from the area in the past.