June 1, 2017

Hana Lootah: Public Opinion Surveys Check Current Reality to Shape the Future

“The need for a scientific and nonbiased public opinion poll is increasing especially when principles of integrity and accuracy are met. People’s answers to polls and surveys will remain the most sufficient probe of the reality and the best method to create perceptions of the future,” she added. “Polling is an industry that should be promoted and considered as the main leadership pillar and business development tool; it tells where we stand and how we should move,” Hana elaborated. In regard to Expo 2020, Hana said the event is casting its shadow on UAE’s businesses as growth has been accelerating ahead of Expo.

A significant and huge impact is expected especially on hospitality, real estate, leisure, retail and consumer businesses. She noted that thousands of hotel rooms and residences are being constructed to accommodate millions of visitors, and this is defiantly energising property and hospitality sectors. “Dubai is the driver of growth in the region and we have witnessed the impact of the announcing the bidding to host Expo 2020 on all sectors even prior to the confirmation,” she added. Highlighting the role and services of her company, Lootah elaborated that as polls are the best barometer of public opinion, Addaera focuses its efforts on providing in-depth studies and field researches that assess the level of awareness and knowledge among people of the UAE on key social issues in order to reveal their main causes and repercussions, and consequently come out with the appropriate and practical solutions.

“Addaera seeks to strengthen its regional role in the future, and to expand its activities over the coming five years to address more issues that of interest to the UAE and the region,” she added. Answering a question about VAT, she mentioned they at Addaera are always prepared for the future and work on issues that loom in the distance to get ready for what will have a real impact on our lives. “We have already completed a study on the “Value Added Tax” which will be introduced in the UAE at the beginning of next year. Through this study, we aimed to assess the level of public awareness on the tax, and to know whether people are ready for its application within months.”

“Addaera Research & Polls Center carried out a number of comprehensive and expanded studies that reflect the reality on public opinion on critical issues including domestic violence, human trafficking and news sources in the UAE; as we provided their results to the respective authorities. We conducted the national service surveys that were implemented over multiple stages and took place in different military training campuses; along with another study that we conducted prior the Federal National Council elections 2015 to measure voting turnout and to assess voters’ satisfaction with the electoral process in the UAE, in addition to the members’ awareness about the Council’s role.” “Since the centre is a non-profit organization and its focus is completely dedicated to public issues, we find competitors’ activities complementing; especially that we address a variety of issues that could be of an importance to specific bodies,” she concluded.

Addaera Research & Polls Centre was established in 2014 as the first independent, non-profit, local research and public opinion surveying organisation in the UAE, with the aim of addressing matters of interest to the society, in addition to exploring public opinion trends in the UAE.