August 1, 2020

Addaera Centre Publishes a Trilogy Study on VAT

Addaera Research & Polls Centre, the first local independent centre for public opinion survey in the UAE, has recently published a trilogy of its VAT study. In three parts, the new publication is documenting the results of an extensive and corelated public opinion surveys that were conducted to probe different research aspects since the debut announcement of VAT implementation until after one year of actual involvement in the taxation system.

The VAT study was conducted over three consecutive years with the aim of reaching general indices that identify the public opinion about the unprecedented economic measure within an extended period of time. In 2017, the UAE government announced its plan to implement VAT for the first time; a decision that ignited a debate at the time and sparked many speculations among consumers. In response, Addaera Research & Polls Centre launched its first public opinion survey on VAT to measure the level of people’s awareness about the tax and know their predictions about its socio-economic impact in Dubai.

A year after the 5% VAT introduction, Addaera launched the second phase of its study which included two separate surveys that were conducted in 2018 and 2019 targeting the general public and business sector institutions to assess VAT impact and repercussions on both consumers and markets.

The first part, consists of 60 pages and titled “Awareness of Value Added Tax in Dubai 2017 – Implications and Potential Effects from Social Perspective,” examines the level of public awareness about VAT aspects, including its value, type and scope of application and exemption. It also explores consumers’ expectations of VAT possible implications on prices, purchasing habits and residents’ plans in regard to living in the UAE.

The second part, published in 139 pages and titled “The Impact of VAT Implementation in Dubai 2018 – Public Opinion Survey,” is a comparative quantitative study that identifies a number of VAT- related research aspects in comparison to previous statistical ratios reached by the 2017 preemptive study. This part also includes additional research aspects related to the actual impact of VAT payment on purchasing habits, savings and remittances, among others.

The 77 pages third part of the publication, “The Impact of VAT Implementation in Dubai 2019 – Business Sector Survey” highlights the consequences of VAT implementation on companies and businesses in the Emirate of Dubai. The qualitative study was conducted through direct interviews with 30 participants from small, medium and large companies in different job categories including senior management, accounting and financial affairs department, and marketing and sales department. The book provides an integrated analysis of respondents’ elaborated views, supported by their quotes and statements.

The three books demonstrate participants’ demographic information, detailed explanation of applied methodologies, in addition to graphs and illustrative tables and general conclusions and recommendations.

To receive your copy, please contact Addaera Research & Polls Centre for more information

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