March 1, 2017

Addaera Research & Polls Centre Launches Training Workshop for Field Surveyors in Dubai

Addaera Research & Polls Centre, the first local independent public opinion survey centre in the UAE, launched a training workshop for field surveyors in Dubai. The workshop came in line with the centre’s efforts to enhance opinion survey sector and promote best practices in this field.

Conducted over two days, the workshop included a number of training activities and exercises, covering the theoretical and practical aspects of field surveying, in accordance with the guidelines of international research organizations. The workshop welcomed 15 surveyors, who are now qualified to conduct field surveys at highest standards and proficiency.

“Addaera centre aims to promote people’s knowledge about the mainstream of public opinion, as well as surveying social trends and measuring levels of awareness on current affairs, in accordance with highest standards and professional criteria. The ultimate goal we aspire to achieve through our efforts is to support decision making on a national level,” Hana Lootah, CEO of Addaera Research & Polls Centre, said.

“In parallel, the centre also works on instilling skills and principles of field surveying, via training workshops and other programs that aim to prepare field researchers and enhance their ability to perform their mission at highest proficiency. We hope that our efforts will help create tangible progress in field survey practices, which will contribute to creating a common knowledge base for our society,” Lootah added.

Addaera Research & Polls Centre offers regular training programs and workshops with the aim of elevating skills and criteria pertaining to this vital sector in the UAE. In total, it has trained about 120 surveyors through 7 training programs over the past two years.

Addaera dedicates its efforts to exploring matters of great public interest, and measuring awareness and opinion on critical public issues, as well as conducting studies and research on a variety of topics including labour, education and women, among others. The centre has conducted 11 surveys so far that involved personal interviews with nearly 9000 respondents in the UAE.

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