April 1, 2020

86% Agree that Measures Taken by UAE Government to Fight Covid-19 are Effective

A recent opinion survey on Corona virus-related research aspects in the UAE has revealed that 86% of both UAE nationals and residents who took part in the survey fully agreed that the measures which were taken by the government to combat the pandemic were effective.

74% of UAE nationals and residents who took part in the questionnaire had full confidence in the ability of the UAE government to fight Covid-19 outbreak; while 32% of respondents mentioned their extreme concern of contracting the virus.

The online survey was circulated by Addaera Research & Polls Centre, in the period from 24 to 31 March 2020 with the aim of assessing UAE nationals and residents’ opinion about some core aspects related to Corona virus outbreak situation and impact

3802 respondents took part in the survey; 35% of whom were UAE nationals and 65% were residents.

The survey highlighted research points including public confidence in the government’s ability to fight Corona virus; level of anxiety towards infection, respondents’ commitment to precautionary and preventive rules and their willingness to volunteer in efforts to curb the virus outbreak.

Hana Lootah, CEO of Addaera Research & Polls Centre, explained that the survey was conducted in the wake of the implementation of a number of government precautionary measures to limit the spread of Corona epidemic in the UAE.

“There was an urgent need to evaluate the situation along with the public understanding and response to the crisis. The world has changed in multiple ways due to Corona outbreak, and we were not isolated from the global effect. Consequently, we launched the survey to explore the general sentiment in emergency situation,” Lootah elaborated.

Results indicated a similarity in confidence level between both UAE nationals and residents in regard to the government’s ability to manage the outbreak repercussions; as the level of confidence hit 81% among UAE nationals and 71% among residents. Meanwhile, the level of anxiety about contracting the disease was also very close between the two segments, with a percentage of 33% among UAE nationals and 32% among residents.

As 86% of both UAE nationals and resident participants fully agreed that the measures which were taken by the government to fight Covid-19 were effective, 11% partially agreed on the same by choosing “to some extent”. Remote learning system was an option chosen by 96% of respondents, social gatherings restrictions 93%, travel restrictions 92%, medical checks for arrivals at airports 90%, restaurants restrictions 87%, reassurance about the availability of food and medicine 87%, sterilization of transport means 86%, work from home system 85%, awareness campaigns about Corona virus 84%, sterilization of streets and public places 81% and economic support for businesses and entrepreneurs 68% at the time of conducting the survey.

Overall results indicated slight difference in agreement level between UAE nationals and residents with 87% and 86%, respectively.

Most respondents showed full commitment to the government’s instructions and recommendations to help control the pandemic by 89%; among whom 86% were UAE nationals and 91% residents.

75% confirmed their willingness to volunteer in any efforts that may help control Corona virus outbreak in the UAE with 78% UAE nationals and 72% residents. Gender wise, willingness to volunteer stood at 82% among males and 68% among females.

Participants indicated some suggestions to promote efforts against Corona virus pandemic including activating “work from home” system for all government and private sector employees and launching mobile clinics that provide home services to eliminate infection possibilities.

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